Notice of Claim for Defamation

Please be advised that the claimant, MGM Builders, Inc. and Micheal S. Manning (hereinafter known as "Manning") of Windham, Maine, gives notice that he intends to file suit against Defendant Christopher Trafford arising out of Defendant's defamatory statements published on the internet which have severely injured MGM Builders, Inc. and Manning which injuries and damages are continuing to accrue. The damages sought will be in a sum exceeding $1,000,000.00.

This claim is further detailed as follows:

1. As of September 15, 2011, and continuing thereafter, Mr. Trafford produced and published through a website named "" a number of false defamatory statements about MGM and Manning. (Notice that Mr. Campbell, Michael S. Manning and MGM Builders have accused Mr. Trafford of producing and publishing this web site)

2. The statements convey through innuendo the false messages that:

a) Manning and MGM have conspired with Stewart Title to inflict harm on Mr. Trafford and his family.

b) Manning and MGM defrauded the Trafford's out of 14 acres of land and made their house unmarketable.

c) Manning and MGM have acted secretly and/or in an underhanded fashion to somehow conceal the alleged wrongdoing to the Trafford's — allegedly acting "discretely" and having acted to hurriedly transfer real estate to others;

d) Manning and MGM have somehow acted wrongfully in dealings with an employee of the Town of Windham;

e) Manning and MGM committed some sort of crime or insurance fraud in connection with certain accidental damage to an MGM vehicle; and

f) MGM and Manning have some connection with a suggested wrongful burning of the Evan Ridge Road files of Stewart Title Co.

The purpose of this notice is to enable you to commence negotiations prior to suit and to comply with the requirements of 14 M.R.S.A 1602-B. Prejudgment interest accrues from the time you receive this notice.

Claimant has retained the services of John S. Campbell, Esq. You should direct your insurance carrier or your own attorney to contact Mr. Campbell at the address indicated below. (Notice how Mr. Campbell forgot to provide his address below)

This notice is being forwarded to you in accordance with the provisions of 14 M.R.S.A 1602-B, the claim being one for defamation resulting in substantial damages to the claimant.

This should also be considered as a demand to cease this activity and for a retraction in accordance with 14 M.R.S.A 153