Evans Ridge homeowners look to Stewart Title for answers.

An overview of Stewart's response to the Traffords' claim one year later:

Stewart informs the Traffords' attorney that their coverage will be limited because Stewart found a spelling mistake in the disclosures of the insurance policy they wrote and sold to the Traffords in 2002.

Stewart informs the Traffords' attorney their policy and closing documents were destroyed in a fire at 9 Donald B Dean Drive. The South Portland Fire Chief revealed there was never a fire at that location.

Stewart informs the Traffords' attorney the fire moved to Bedford, NH. The Bedford Fire Chief stated the fire was over a shared bathroom in a community of small businesses which were later seen recovering files.

A former attorney for Stewart informs the Traffords' attorney the company hired a document destruction service to burn their copies of area closings when Stewart Title of Northern New England closed in 2006.

While most insurance claim denial letters are communicated in one or two paragraphs, Stewart Title required 16 pages to deny the Traffords' claim and have refused to reimburse the Traffords any legal fees.

If you live in Maine or New Hampshire and you purchased a title policy from Stewart Title during or prior to the boom, it's likely Stewart has no record of your transaction.